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1 impianto fotovoltaico 1 MW - Canino VTElettroservice was among the first companies in its area to take on the renewable energies sector and target it.

This allowed us to become one of the most successful names in this sector in just a few years and acquire experience which few other competing firms can boast.

The company operates as an EPC Contractor for photovoltaic systems of any size both on the ground and on the roof and provides its customers with personalized turnkey solutions.

A vast team with consolidated experience in the field follows customers during all the various plant construction stages using the most up-to-date and reliable technologies present on the market.

Qualified and constantly updated personnel attentively follow the various aspects of the operating process, from the logistic decisions to the technical consultancy, from the assessment of the energy yield to the administrative management. All of this distinguished by the proven professionalism and great passion which the entire staff dedicates to the service to customers and to the environment every day.

The main activities carried out are:

  • analysis of the construction site and feasibility study
  • preliminary design and the drafting of the business plan;
  • supply of materials;
  • installation of the plant and associated components;
  • testing and connection to the network;
  • after-sales maintenance of the plant.

The company is specialized both in the installation of grid-connected photovoltaic plants and standalone ones which are especially necessary when the grid connection is absent or discontinuous.